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Cosmi EDL4 Hand Engraved Steel 410 bore 28in

For sale is a brand new ultra-collectible, luxury semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 410 bore with 28 inch ribbed barrel, extra

Kolar Arms Max Clays Flat Rib Sporting Platinum Royale 12g 32in

For sale is a pre-owned Kolar Arms Max Lite Sporting Platinum Royale in their latest “Flat Rib Clays” configuration. This

Kolar Arms Max Clays Sporting Custom Strosin Engraved 12ga 32in

For sale is a pre-owned Kolar Arms Max Lite Sporting Custom Strosin in their “fixed ramp taper rib” configuration. This

Krieghoff K-20 Millennium Edition 20ga / 28ga 30in

For sale is a pre-owned Krieghoff K-20 Millennium Edition engraved by Badillini. “Millennium Edition” engraving features unique full coverage scrolling

Caesar Guerini Invictus I Sporting 12ga 32in

The Caesar Guerini Invictus is a result of years of research to find a technical solution for increasing the long

Strasser RS Evolution .270 Win 24in Straight-Pull Rifle with Zeiss Scope

For sale is a pre-owned, like new Strasser RS Solo Evolution rifle chambered in 270 Winchester with a 24 inch

Staccato 2011 C2 DPO Carry 9mm 3.9″ 16+1, Optic Ready, Aluminum, Stainless Barrel

For sale is a brand new Staccato 2011 C2, chambered in 9mm with a 3.9 inch barrel. This comes optic